Continued convergence of broadcast, motion picture and information technology

As the buzz of @IBCShow 2011 dies down after another successful year and we look towards @NABShow in 2012, I can now reflect from a IT perspective on the key trends I saw at IBC 2011 as well as how they are impacting the industry and the immediate future. Taking a broad brush approach, there are some very clear trends that personally jumped out:

  1. Increasing technological complexity as the industry moves away from tape driven workflow, from SD (Standard Definition) to HD (High Definition) and 3D
  2. Distribution into multiple formats
  3. Accessibility by the viewer any where any time

These trends demonstrate  a continued convergence of IT with broadcast, motion picture mobile TV and IPTV.  Also, companies such as Dell OEM Solutions become far more relevant as strategic partners to broadcast and motion picture companies due to their ability to provide global end to end solutions and key products and services.

Here are two areas where a Tier 1 IT provider like Dell could add value:
Tapeless workflow and the inevitable move to file based storage represents the need to look at storage in a completely different way, add scalability and security to that and you have a considerable challenge to migrate from tape to digital storage. Bottom line storage technology is rapidly changing and being heavily impacted by the explosion of new digital data files ranging from video clips to complex graphical images. Dell’s investment into developing itself into storage company has been well publicised, and according to IDC already 5th in the world on storage revenue 2nd quarter of 2011.  Marcel Moelands’s blog Fluid data, a pay-as-you-grow model is a great example of what Dell can offer with fluid data storage.

    The Cloud, unthinkable within in the media and broadcast industry just a few years ago and yet the emergence of cloud based broadcasting companies is now becoming a reality. Mobility creates the demand to deliver content via the cloud but, it also generates demand to create content via the cloud. A key Dell strategic pillar clearly defines its investment into cloud. Dell is developing a growing portfolio of efficient cloud computing solutions to help achieve flexible infrastructure. The Dell approach is broken down into either an evolutionary approach through virtualization or a more revolutionary approach by building an infrastructure from scratch. Dell OEM offers consulting, cloud computing components and turnkey solutions based on pretested, pre-assembled, fully-supported hardware, software and services.

      Lets not detract from other trends where traditional IT continues to have its place, advancement in Graphics from AMD Fire Pro and Nvidia Quadro combined with the Precision Tower series of Intel Xeon Workstations continues to provide improvement to post product and editing. Dell’s publicly announced commitment to mobility will provide products and services to help the industry capitalise on implementing a policies based and a secure mobility infrastructure.  Products like the Dell Precision M6600 workstation laptop now offering 1 terabyte of storage with the new 4Gb Nvidia Quadro 5010M truly offer performance equal to a tower workstation.

      What trends did you see at IBC 2011?  Any surprises or new technology that caught your eye?  Hope you enjoyed my blogs around IBC 2011 and the media and broadcast industry in general.  If you are interested in learning more about Dell OEM Solutions please visit our website, tweet us, or contact our specialized consultants.


      Anthony Sayers

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