Fluid data, a pay-as-you-grow model

It should be no surprise that the broadcast, media and surveillance industry go hand-in-hand with data storage solutions of various kinds. And that an inflexible, inefficient data storage solution can drive up the total cost of broadcast, media and surveillance installments rapidly due to unforeseen growth.

But did you know that there are storage solutions that deliver savings on capital and operational expenses by offering a pay-as-you-grow model? These solutions leverage standards-based components while optimizing the location of data to the most cost-effective underlying hardware while continuing to deliver the required performance… automatically.

Dell’s point of view on intelligent data management is that it should drive efficiency of the storage solution through storage virtualization and automation. Intelligent data management eliminates forklift upgrades by offering seamless scalability and even further optimization through data tiering. Dell’s Fluid Data™ is making all of this happen.

Dell has built a storage product portfolio covering a  breath of technologies from fibre channel and market leading iSCSI SAN technology to unified storage, network attached storage, direct attached storage as well as object storage and tape library solutions for archiving and back-up. These storage solutions are complemented by leading deduplication and data compression products.  All of these products are Dell owned intellectual property and therefore seamlessly integrate.

Incase customers are looking for non-standard solutions like storage controllers specifically tuned for video and broadcast, Dell OEM Solutions can be of assistance. Dell OEM Solutions has a long standing history of focusing on OEM customers, helping them to deliver market-leading products to their end-customers ahead of their competition by supporting them with Common of the Shelf (COTS) / standards based technology while offering engineering and customization services where required.

Dell OEM Solutions even offers consultancy to co-design large scale network attached storage solutions common to the broadcast and surveillance industry.  These solutions use standards based hardware leveraging OpenSource parallel file systems including integrated disk- or tape based archive solutions.

To learn more about how Dell OEM Solutions provides hardware and services around storage, contact us at http://marketing.dell.com/oem or follow us on twitter @delloem.

Marcel Moelands

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