Dell and SUSE Join Forces on Integrated Systems Development

This is a guest post by Kerry Kim, Director of Solution Marketing at SUSE. SUSE is a trusted Dell OEM Partner. In his current role, Kerry is responsible for solution, product and alliance marketing. We are pleased to have this thought leader share his insights on our blog.


Last week, we unveiled a new partnership between Dell OEM Solutions and SUSE.

This partnership brings together Dell’s hardware and supply-chain expertise and SUSE’s flexible operating platform and robust, software-configuration tools to deliver enterprise-quality, integrated systems in half the time of doing it themselves.

And time is money…

With this partnership, Dell will use SUSE Studio, a powerful image customization and provisioning tool, to build and deploy application stacks based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server onto Dell OEM Solutions’ built-to-order and customized solutions. This synergy will further reduce complexity and overhead costs.

According to recent survey from research firm Gartner:

A primary research survey of 547 IT leaders in organizations (excluding technology and service providers) in 11 countries in the second half of 2010 was conducted. More than half the organizations surveyed have adopted OSS solutions as part of their IT strategy, with nearly one-third citing benefits of flexibility, increased innovation, shorter development times and faster procurement processes. Lower total cost of ownership was a key driver.

By leveraging Dell and SUSE’s combined expertise, enterprises can bring their integrated-systems solutions to market faster. More importantly, they can focus their scarce internal resources on their own core competencies to help them thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

And, as Nils Brauckmann, SUSE’s president and general manager noted:

“Enterprises are increasingly using Linux in integrated systems, ranging from consumer electronics, to industrial control, aerospace and military technologies. This partnership marks another milestone in our ongoing relationship with Dell. It combines Dell’s OEM product, industry-standard hardware and global services capabilities, with SUSE’s flexible, reliable and cost-effective operating system and tools, to meet the specific needs of the embedded and OEM markets.”

If you need to bring high quality integrated systems to market in a cost effective and timely manner, I encourage you to call the experts — SUSE and Dell OEM Solutions.

Kerry Kim

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