How to Leverage OEM Services during Product Transitions

We are all abuzz here in Dell OEM Solutions since the new portfolio of blade, rack and tower PowerEdge 12th Generation Servers was announced.  As Franklin Flint mentioned, the new line of servers includes those built specifically for OEMs with accelerated performance and expandability, managed stability, increased productivity, enhanced customization features and simplified support.

In that spirit, let’s talk about ways to take full advantage of this new product line with a few services “how-to’s” that will simplify your transition to this new technology.

In the Dell OEM Services team, we eat, breathe and sleep product lifecycles and the services and support our customers need all along the way to bringing their solutions to market globally. One thing is clear, you want ease of use and peace of mind—for you and your customers.

The first step is to ask yourself what you need at each stage of the cycle to help you get to market faster and is it a core competency of your organization. If not, consider alternatives to achieving the same or even better outcomes when it comes to aspects of the design, manufacturing, fulfillment and support processes for your products. What is it going to take in order to have an easy and efficient transition to a new platform? Do you have a plan and the resources to do this at every step along the way?

It also starts with choosing high-quality, reliable hardware that allows for simplified qualification, testing, configuration and support. From there, determine how to build a support-smart organization with the right “close to the box” services that you need to provide a smooth experience for your customers.  For instance, how will you manage parts, tech support calls, field support, installation, etc.

While it might not be the first thing on your mind, it turns out that one of the most important decisions an OEM can make is choosing the right warranty and support model for your customers—it can be the difference between your ability to retain valuable customers and a key attribute to acquiring new business.  It can also be a way to differentiate from the competition through excellent customer service or even serve as an additional high-margin revenue stream.

Then, outside of your hardware choice, parts and warranty, what else do you need to help you ease the transition? New technology impacts more than just the box, it also affects your applications, performance, fulfillment options, and your ability to respond to increased demand, your resource allocations, and so on.

We consult with customers all the time to jointly determine what the right solution is to solving all these complex and inter-related issues. For instance, if you need help optimizing your performance or customizing your unique electrical or mechanical requirements or maybe you simply need resources to conduct compatibility and applications testing, consider letting us augment your team with our experts—people who do this type of work, day in and out. Even if you need help determining how much or how little integration you wish to take on, we can put our resources to work to design the best solution for you to ensure you leverage your strengths and ours.

All this to say, we can take a lot of burden off your plate by ensuring that your image, hardware (including non-Dell components), applications, asset tags, peripherals and documents are all included as part of the standard factory build so that your systems arrive ready to work out of the box. And we can also do any order consolidation, short-term warehousing and provide a variety of delivery options for you including onsite installation.

We want to be a part of your continued success by supporting you with a complete ecosystem of services and support so that you can focus on innovation and your core strengths.

If you wish to learn about how to leverage our comprehensive services for your products, please contact Dell OEM Solutions today.

Jodi Eckberg

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