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In other blog posts we have written about the launch of several Carrier Grade server platforms including the 1U rack mount PowerEdge R620 t, 2U rack mount PowerEdge R720 t, and the Blade Server platform consisting of the PowerEdge M620 t and the M1000e t chassis. In offering these products to the Telecommunications market as COTS Enterprise solutions, Dell OEM Solutions is acting on the requests of our customers to be a leader in this market.

 In order to ensure our OEM customers’ needs are met, we are excited to announce pending availability of Carrier Grade versions of Dell’s PowerVault MD1200 t and MD1220 t JBOD storage arrays with 3.5” hard drives and 2.5” hard drives, respectively. These will expand the storage capacity of the server platforms we have been shipping to customers since May, 2012.

In addition to the JBOD chassis, Dell OEM Solutions is also going to start shipping Carrier Grade versions of commonly requested RAID enclosures, the fibre-channel PowerVault MD3600f t and MD3620f t and the iSCSI PowerVault MD3600i t and

MD3620i t. These popular RAID enclosures offer amazing value for mainstream storage applications where the end solutions need to be optimized for performance, price, and capacity. Each 3.5” chassis supports up to 12 SAS/Near line SAS hard drives and each 2.5” chassis supports up to 24 SAS hard drives. One can add Carrier Grade PowerVault MD1200 t or 1220 t chassis for a maximum of 120 (or 192 with premium key options) 3.5” SAS/near line hard drives. With the easy to use configuration and management tools provided, these friendly platforms can be deployed as simple SAN solutions for any medium sized storage application with great performance and storage management functionality that used to be only available in the mid-market SANs.

All six of these RAID array enclosures comply with the strict NEBS Level 3 and ETSI certification standards (documentation available on request) and are offered from several factories around the world utilizing Dell’s renowned supply chain capabilities, tech support prowess, and reliable performance. Our OEM Solutions sales, support, and engineering teams are prepared to work with our customers to ensure the best components are designed into solutions going into the Telco market.

By offering three server platforms based on the dual socket Intel XEON E5-2600 CPUs along with these easy, effective, and great performing SAN solutions, our OEM Telco customers can build entire solutions based on Dell’s well respected hardware, share development for both standard and carrier grade hardware, and receive quality service and support around the world.

This is a very exciting time for OEM Solutions and our commitment to the Telco enterprise COTS industry shows with the many Carrier Grade products we now offer.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about these products or our unique OEM and Telco capabilities.


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