Hacking our Standard PowerEdge Servers to Meet Unique OEM Customer Needs

Pivot3, a Dell OEM customer, is quite the veteran when it comes to working with the Dell OEM custom engineering team.  They have been utilizing our services for a few years now.  Last year, Zac showed how we customized a PowerEdge R510-12 for them by adding a flash DOM boot device that also required designing custom cabling & bios modifications.

This year they came back with some new requirements and Zac and our team produced some outstanding work.   In fact, he had so much to show that I broke it up into two videos.

In the first video, Zac showed how we replaced the optical drive location of a PowerEdge R320 with a MO297A flash device mounted on a custom bracket.  He also demonstrates how we had to change out the normal power-cable and design a custom power cable.  Also, for their specific application Pivot3 wanted to use a different storage controller than what is offered on the standard R320 which also required another custom cable.

The second customization video focuses on our 12th Generation PowerEdge R720. Pivot3 had a few customization requests here.  First, they wanted a new custom bezel which we delivered in 3 colors and in 3 months.  They also requested a different controller than what was offered in

the standard R720 server and needed a separate boot device so all the drives in the front could be used for storage. For the boot device, his team decided on a PCI adapter using an mSATA flash device which did require some custom bios configurations.


If you are interested in learning what Dell OEM Solutions can do for your OEM appliance or compute platform, please visit our website and fill out an engagement form to have a representative contact you.

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Samantha Needham

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  1. Tremendous example of what Dell OEM is capable of doing.

    By: Corbin Moore on October 12th, 2012 at 9:35 am
  2. Corbin, I agree. I plan on releasing several more posts to illustrate the many ways OEM Engineering can help build custom solutions!

    By: Zac Cravens on October 12th, 2012 at 2:10 pm
  3. Watching those videos I am reminded of how easy to work with the PowerEdge servers are. The usability of adding and removing devices, cables, and component brackets is as elegant and easy to learn as I can imagine. Wow!

    Great work!

    By: Franklin Flint on October 12th, 2012 at 3:28 pm
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