OEM Telecom Appliance Customer Reduces Delivery Time by 50 Percent Improving Customer Service

One of the pleasures about working in Dell’s OEM business is the opportunity to meet with customers and spend time understanding their business.   The OEM approach is not about product, it’s about the overall business strategy our customers are working towards and how Dell can bring true value in assisting them achieve that potential.

One of the recent meetings I had the pleasure of spending half a day with Lucas Wensing, CEO of StartReady a company that provides unified communications applications to business.  Based in Holland the company have recently made the decision to standardise on Dell OEM’s server based application capability and in doing so are seeing fundamental benefits to their business that will assist them in accelerating their potential.

But why listen to the marketing guy here …. I’d prefer to let our customer speak for themselves in the following Q&A with Lucas;

Q: Tell me about Start Ready?

StartReady is a Microsoft Unified Communications specialist. We have developed ‘appliances’ and hosted offerings for Microsoft Lync. With the appliances we can quickly deploy Microsoft Lync in ‘PBX style’ at the customer’s premises. Our Cloud based Management Solution assures the continuity of the system and makes sure that patch management, security, reporting and alerting is taken care of. Our hosted offerings have the same continuity, and enables SMB customer with a few as 10 users to enjoy the Microsoft UC solution in a pay-per-use-model.

Q: What major markets / customers do you currently serve?

We have appliances for both Mid-market customers and Enterprise customers. The main difference between the two is

that the mid-market customer either buy 1 or 2 (High-available) appliances – just like how they used to purchase a single telephony system. Enterprises get the enterprise edition of Microsoft Lync that is run on a minimum of 9 servers with growth potential for up to 100.000+ users. In both scenario’s we use our Cloud Based Management Solution for continuity of the systems.

The hosted solutions are also available in twofold: a multi-tenant solution for the smaller customers, and a dedicated hosting offering (based on our Appliances) for our Mid-sized and Enterprise customers.

Q: What challenges does / has your business face that you look for an OEM provider to assist with?

The appliances run at the customer’s premises. This means they can break down or become faulty without us (or our partners) being able to service them in a reasonable amount of time. We expect from our OEM provider to deliver products fast and guarantee on site mission critical support in all countries that we are based.

Q: Any thoughts / observations on your industry as a whole in relation to OEM providers?

We see that scale and real customer focus is key in offering a competitive price and keeping up with high service standards. As we need to adhere to those standards, we also expect that from our providers, including our OEM provider of course.

Q: Why Dell OEM?

Dell sets the standards as it comes to scale, innovation, distribution, on-site support, product quality and price.

  • With Dell OEM we are able to have a StartReady branded product shipped to a customer anywhere in the world in less than five days after order.   For most our customers this is a key differentiator
  • The Mission Critical On Site Support guarantees us the hardware continuity that we offer as part of our Cloud Based Management Solution.
  • Changing to Dell OEM reduced our delivery time by at least 50% and we are able to better service our customers and partner.

Q: What does the future hold for Start Ready?

StartReady is growing rapidly in a competitive landscape. We see that Microsoft with its UC solution is becoming more and more interesting to a growing set of customers. Our solutions take away the barriers associated with these innovations. Together with Dell we serve customers quickly and professionally what is necessity for our customers, for Dell and for ourselves.

Thanks to Lucas and his team for their contribution here (and their trust in Dell OEM to deliver).  More from me in the near future with other customers in the EMEA region and the benefits they see in working with Dell OEM Solutions.

Paul Collier

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