Introducing Carrier Grade PowerEdge Blades

Three years ago our team in Dell OEM Solutions made the strategic decision to enter the OEM COTS Telecommunications market. We had been getting significant interest from our customers and those who wanted to be our customers to add features and capabilities to our standard product offering to better fit into the market. So, we embarked on a mission to make modifications OEM’s most popular enterprise products based on our customers request to support the Telco market. This meant hardening those platforms to fully pass the NEBS Level 3 and ETSI certification process.  The initial result of those three years of work was launched this past May in the form of the PowerEdge R620 t and R720 t, 1U & 2U rack mount servers, respectively.

Today I am excited to be writing about the next platform to get the Telco treatment, the super-efficient Dell PowerEdge Blade platform. With the launch of the PowerEdge M620 t blade server running Intel’s XEON E5-2600 series CPUs, Dell OEM Solutions can offer a complete line of x86 enterprise platforms with compliance with the NEBS Level 3 and ETSI specifications (test report summaries are available on request). Along with the M620 t blade, the accompanying chassis, the PowerEdge M1000e t, is also being launched with NEBS Level 3 and ETSI compliance. This assures our OEM customers the ability to utilize the dense and efficient enterprise x86 blade solution Dell has been building for many years for both standard data centers and central offices.

What I find really compelling is the leveraged aspect of these products. We didn’t go off and develop entirely new solutions in order to have a product to offer our OEM Telco customers. Instead we worked with our existing platforms and made the modifications necessary to comply with the Telco standards our customers require. The platforms are fully software compatible with our standard products. By working with us, the software development and testing performed on standard versions of these servers won’t need to be repeated for the Carrier Grade versions demanded by the Carriers and Service Providers in certain installations. Everyone gets to leverage their work and accomplish more with their precious resources.

Take a look at our spec sheets and visit us at the Telco events and shows like MobileCON, Verizon NEBS Conference, 4G World, and other global events and let us know how we can help you launch cutting edge technologies from Intel and other tech innovators into your Telco market.

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