Announcing the CTO Summit at Dell World 2012

Last year, we tried something pure.  In an unmarked room within the Dell World complex, we invited the lead technologists and CTOs of various companies (including Dell) to talk about the course Dell is pursuing for key technologies.  Rather than tidying up and obfuscating the dense, deep and raw presentations from the CTO office, the marketing team sat in the back of the room and observed.

The boxes on slides represented ASICs, subsystems and teams of engineers.  Phrases like “spectrum”, “core counts”, “IOPS”, “revision control” and “debugging” floated through the room.  Coffee breaks meant hallway introductions ranging from the VP of Engineering at a Fortune 100 company to the CTO of a new startup.

When Dell pulled back the curtain to reveal our deepest technical insights and questions, our OEM customers were quick to reciprocate.  Due to the sensitive nature of the conversations, I can’t reveal too much in a public blog post; however, I can say it was an incredible privilege to participate.  As one of the attendees told me privately, This was the best vendor funded event I’ve been to in five years.  And I’m an [exclusive] partner of [huge technology company]’s.”  (comment anonymized to protect the innocent.)

Here is a video highlighting the speakers from last year:

Here is an infographic highlighting the topics from last year (full link here):

Almost too quickly, a year has come and gone.  To say there have been seismic shifts in the technology landscape would be hyperbole, but it would also capture the magnitude of the changes that are coming in every industry.  It’s time to put on the thinking caps again.

Announcing the Dell World 2012 CTO Summit (Dec. 11-13th)

I’m excited to announce that for two days in December, we will be convening in Austin to conduct the 2nd annual CTO Summit as part of Dell World 2012.

Featured speakers include

  • Michael Dell (making a personal appearance to talk with Summit attendees)
  • Joyce Mullen (VP and GM of Dell OEM Solutions)
  • Subi Krishnamurthy (CTO, Dell Force10)
  • Gaurav Chawla (Exec. Director of Storage and Networking, Dell office of the CTO)
  • Jon Ramsey (Dell Fellow, Dell SecureWorks)
  • Liam Quinn (Exec. Director of Mobility, Dell office of the CTO)
  • Robert Hormuth (Exec. Director of Server Architecture, Dell office of the CTO)
  • Rick Nucci (GM, formerly CTO, of Dell Boomi)

Additionally, we have a couple of surprises up our sleeves that I cannot announce yet, but I’ll keep you informed as the itinerary continues to develop.

Plenty of time to network and explore

The most common suggestion we received last year was to provide more networking time amongst attendees.  This year every attendee will be able to introduce him or herself, and we’ve added specific time for networking throughout the event.  We’ve even added a customer panel, which I’ll discuss more as the date approaches.

Additionally, we have blocked out time for attendees to tour the expansive Dell World Solution Showcase to learn about specific products or services that Dell offers.

Lastly, the headlining Dell World speakers are always incredible, and this year is no exception.  Attendees of the CTO Summit will enjoy hearing keynotes from Michael Dell, Bill Clinton, Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner (the authors of Freakonomics).

Want to attend but haven’t gotten an invitation?

If you haven’t received your invitation to the Dell World CTO Summit, and you feel like it would be beneficial to attend, be sure to reach to your Dell OEM Solutions Account Executive.  If you don’t have one, or don’t know who he or she is, feel free to contact me directly using the link at the bottom of this page.

I look forward to seeing you this year at the CTO Summit and hearing your thoughts about where you’d like to see technology develop over the next three years.

Josh Neland

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