Shifting winds at the Verizon NEBS Conference 2012

We were honored to join the relatively small group of Gold Sponsors at the Verizon NEBS Conference in Las Vegas this year. Being accepted as a member of this venerated Telco standards organization was a real achievement for someone as new to this market as Dell OEM Solutions. What

was even more exciting was being invited to speak to the NEBS community about Dell’s fresh air data center initiative and how we are already very far along in massively reducing the costs of building and running data centers and driving new efficiencies into a technology industry eager to drive change.

Our own Zac Cravens, lead mechanical engineer for OEM Solutions, discuss the capabilities and benefits of running data centers without costly refrigeration systems by providing all necessary cooling with fresh air. Marcel Moelands wrote about this new technology on this blog last year. NEBS community was very exciting to hear about what we’ve developed and we are now working in the GR-3160 committee to investigate standards around this amazing capability.

Please congratulate our OEM Engineering team who attended the Verizon NEBS Conference, Zac Cravens, Ryan Putman, and Debbie Martinez.

Please reach out to us if you would like to learn more about Dell OEM Solutions in the Telco market.

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