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Storage…… in a lot of cases is synonym to unprecedented growth, CapEx and complexity in many datacenters, with the occasional unfortunate headache as a result.   But, does it really have to be that way? At Dell we do not believe so, just like we don’t believe in the traditional silo approaches to architecting storage environments.

Dell is not bound by legacy proprietary technology and we do not believe storage should be complex at all. Instead we believe storage should be approached differently by thinking differently so we’ll get closer to ‘your needs’. As a result we have been spending a lot of time building a new breed of Data Management Solutions that intelligently integrate and manage and automatically store data in the right place at the right time for the right cost.

 Dell’s Investment in Storage

Over the last years Dell has made some significant investments in its Storage portfolio . The PowerVault line of products, consisting of entry level disk arrays, SAN arrays, tape libraries and disk archive products has been extended with the award winning and market leading EqualLogic iSCSI product line, the inherently automatic tiering Compellent product line, the scalable Network Storage and Fluid Filesystem platforms,  the massively scalable object based DX archive solutions and various integrated and inherent software features, delivering Compression, Deduplication, Archiving and Back-up Solutions. As part of its Storage portfolio Dell also offers consultancy and solutions to migrate Storage into Cloud Environments as well as solutions for Big Data and Data Analytics.

All-in-all the portfolio has been setup in such way Dell can consult to and deliver solutions for any storage requirement. The Dell Fluid Data Storage Solutions allow solutions made up out of different components to integrate smoothly.

Fluid Data

Dell’s point of view on data management is that it should drive efficiency of the Storage Solution through Storage Virtualization and Automation. Storage Virtualization and Automation create the ability to manage data throughout its lifecycle by placing blocks on the most cost effective media without sacrificing performance while eliminating forklift upgrades by offering seamless scalability and even further optimization through deduplication and compression.

Dell’s Fluid Data™ is making all of this magic happen while removing the complexity of managing storage environments.

Dell’s storage strategy is often the topic of articles published by analyst firms, online technology magazines and blogs. The articles available usually explain different aspects of the Fluid Data Solutions such as new product releases, Fluid Cache or achieved milestones.

Dell OEM’s Storage Offering

As part of Dell OEM Solutions’ mission in assisting OEM customers to bring their solutions to market, we offer an OEM specific suite of Storage Products and Services as well as have access to the larger Dell Storage portfolio.  Some of the unique services we provide are:

Rebranding Services offered for our JBOD product line, the PowerVault MD1200/1220, enable OEM customers in need of Direct Attached Storage to put their brand on the complete solution.

Just recently we added a series of Carrier Grade Storage products for our OEM Network Equipment Provider, Defense, Industrial Automation, and other customers to integrate into their solutions and services.  The Carrier Grade products

offer an extended operating temperature range, earthquake resiliency, dust filters, extended altitude ratings and some other feature improvements, ‘hardening’ the overall environmental specifications and making the products ready for deployment in harsh environments.

Last but not least, to meet the shifting demands from traditional to Cloud based and Big Data Storage Solutions, Dell OEM Solutions offers a suite of products, reference architectures and associated services. With help from Dell Specialists we are well positioned to assist customers in designing for the future.

You can learn more about Dell OEM Solutions by exploring the links and information at or contact our OEM team to learn more.

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