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tool_introNEPs, ISVs, and mobile operators often ask, “what sort of features or specs are included on Dell’s carrier grade products?” It makes sense that our customers and partners need to understand the various specifications and options available as they build and design their own solutions.

Today, we’re pleased to announce our Dell OEM Carrier Grade Systems Online Demo, an interactive tool that virtually provides product demos of our family of carrier grade products.  We launched the site to not only provide a self-service way to explore our products but also improve awareness of the various product options and features.

Currently you can view demos on the following products:

Carrier Grade Rack Servers

  • R620 t
  • R720 t

Carrier Grade Rack Storage

  • MD1200 t
  • MD3600i t
  • MD3600f t
  • MD1220 t
  • MD3620i t
  • MD3620f t

Carrier Grade Blade Servers

  • M1000e t
  • M620 t

CarrierGrade-demo_v2To get started, just follow these steps:

1. Visit

2. Select the category of products you are interested in.

3. Click on the individual product for high level overview information

4. Hoover over and click the red hot spots to read about additional product features







Today’s announcement is yet another great online tool we offer to our OEM community.  We think that this demo in particular will help companies visualize and understand our Carrier-Grade products. In the future we hope to add additional product detail, inside

the system views, and updates as they come along, so do let us know what other information you would find useful to see.

You can also give us feedback at various ICT industry events we are attending around the Globe where our dedicated team members will also have a mobile and touch screen version at their fingertips.

Meet members of our dedicated Telco team and talk specific end-to-end solutions for Telco at:

NAB, CTIA Wireless, Communicasia 2013, TIA 2013, 4G World and Dellworld 2013

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Joelle Coghlan

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  1. I am pushing this site hard with our VARs. I think the addition of the telco specific features may spark some interest among our resellers, too. I love the advantages for Dell that come from teh OEM group.

    By: Mary Berg on April 5th, 2013 at 10:01 am

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