OEM Customer NetDescribe Launches Event2Log Appliance for Big Data Collection and Retention Management

This Thursday, May 16th, NetDescribe will officially launch its new Event2Log® appliance for Big Data Collection and Retention Management, based on Dell PowerEdge R720, during its end user conference in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Event2Log®  appliance can handle more than 500.000 events per second which allows enterprises and carriers to master petabytes of stored events . The fast and flexible engine enables search in huge volume of data and is the perfect data source for already implemented analysis systems.Blende_Appliance_Event2Log

One Event2Log® appliance can save customers up to 30 conventional systems, bringing the necessary performance in order to answer the strong expectations of today’s compliance.

In my recent conversation with Silke Heckmann, Marketing Manager for NetDescribe, I found out a little bit more about  NetDescribe and why

they decided to work with Dell OEM Solutions on their event log appliance solution.

1. What is the name and location of your company and what regions do you serve?

NetDescribe, based in Munich Germany, serves the Central European market directly. For wider reach and customers outside Europe, we rely on partners including Dell to support us with local (and global) teams and expertise.


2.         What type of OEM solution are you developing, and for what industry?

We are developing a Big Data collection and retention solution for huge volumes up to petabytes. We are industry agnostic. However we are seeing a high demand and volume from data sources such as IT and Telecommunications systems.

3.         How did you decide Dell would be the best provider to help bring your OEM solution to market?

The decision was based on the best practices and experiences we have had with Dell over several years including their proven global reach for service delivery and support.

4.         What Dell products and services are you using?

We use a Dell Power Edge 720R with 4 hours replacement service . All components are standard configuration based on the highest available level of processor speed and controller cards.

5.         Were you already previously leveraging proprietary hardware, a systems integrator or tier-one provider?

We were previously using other systems integrators and moved to Dell about 4 years ago.

For full event information & registration please visit: https://www.netdescribe.com/news-und-events/end-user-conference-frankfurt-am/index.html.

Piia Lawlor

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