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ANTlabs LogoThis is a guest post by Grace Naces Gabriel, Product Marketing Executive of ANTlabs. Dell OEM and ANTlabs have a long partnership in delivering advanced, reliable solutions for Carrier WiFi, Mobile Offload, Hospitality and BYOD. We are glad to share these advanced Telecom solutions in our blog.

 About ANTlabs

ANTlabs is the Asia Pacific market leader for service gateways and has provided technology solutions worldwide since 1999.  Having a strong working relationship with local and global Telcos, ANTlabs provides Telco-grade reliability and enterprise security, while ensuring that solutions are scalable and would meet both current and future demands.  In the Telco industry, ANTlabs offers both Intelligent Mobile Offload and Carrier WiFi solutions.

Intelligent Mobile Offload

ANTlabs’ unique intelligent mobile offload solution addresses 3G/4G/LTE network congestion and offloading requirements. This vendor-agnostic and clientless solution allows mobile networks to become highly flexible and reliable without sacrificing quality of service to subscribers.  By determining WiFi and BTS service quality, users are connected to better network service. This solution features:

  • One-stop Mobile VAS Manager: Easy subscriber provisioning, service sign-up and location-based content subscription
  • AAA and Policy Management: Time and/or Volume-based subscriber policies, Quota and Session Management, and Billing (Diameter, SOAP/XML, PCRF)
  • Various Authentication Modes: EAP-SIM/AKA, EAP-TTLS / PEAP / PAP, MAC-based with SMS OTP
  • Offload Service Delivery: Fair-use, Application-based traffic prioritization, Multi-Tier QoS for tiered, differentiated services



Fig. 1 ANTlabs Intelligent Mobile Offload

Carrier WiFi

ANTlabs Service Selection Gateways and Value-Added IP Service Management Platforms have enabled Telcos and ISPs to confidently enter the competitive market. ANTlabs’ Carrier WiFi solution offers infrastructure wholesale capability with roaming aggregators support. Its high performance policy appliance, which is powered by Dell, can support up to two million subscriber accounts per appliance with one million active sessions and 1000 TPS (sustained) and 3000 TPS (peak). ANTlabs’ high capacity service gateway can store up to 250,000 local accounts with 20,000 concurrent devices per gateway and it has 4×10 GE support.

Account and policy management are centralized in this solution, as well as monitoring, reporting and alerts. Subscriber sessions are managed across service gateways with differentiated and tiered service capability, plus flexible provisioning and authentication. ANTlabs Carrier WiFi solution also offers high availability with real-time synchronization, Geo-redundancy, Anti-DoS protection and an independent hardware board with remote KVM, hardware monitoring, alerts and remote power management.


Fig 2. ANTlabs Carrier WiFi Solution

ANTlabs has more than a decade of strong experience in providing Telcos with reliable solutions. Today, the key areas of focus for the company, aside from Mobile Offload and Carrier WiFi, also include Hospitality and BYOD.

Grace Naces Gabriel

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  1. Thank you Grace for sharing! Antlabs is the backbone to the wireless@SG project in Singapore!

    By: CHUA KIAN SOON on July 25th, 2013 at 11:30 pm

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