Dell OEM and Prentke Romich help people with disabilities speak more freely

Dylan Mast (10) is an Accent 1000 power user.

Dylan Mast (10) is an Accent 1000 power user.

Today,  Prentke Romich and Dell OEM announced the launch of the Accent 1000 speech-assistance mobile device.

This Latitude 10-based solution provides the hardware but, more importantly, the software, for people with speech challenges to communicate more freely.

With a completely intuitive, icon-driven interface and fully mobile, ruggedized case, the Accent 1000 makes it easy for people of all ages to “speak” without first having to read. Although, the unit can grow with users for more complex communication of emotions and feelings and offers a keyboard for typing.

Prentke’s CEO, Dave Moffatt explains why the company chose Dell.

“We chose the Dell Latitude 10 tablet as the platform for the Accent 1000 product for a variety of reasons,” explains Dave Moffatt, President and Chief Executive Officer, Prentke Romich Company. “This Windows 8 tablet is sleek and durable, with great battery life, fast start-up, and daylight visibility. It also provides the flexibility to add content, and allows for remote updates which are a key benefit to serving our customers.”

And, OEM’s Joyce Mullen explains why the business is so exciting for Dell.

“We are proud to be working with Prentke Romich Company in support of their mission to help people with disabilities achieve their potential in educational, vocational, and personal pursuits,” said Joyce Mullen, vice president and general manager OEM Solutions at Dell. “Our work with Prentke Romich is the latest milestone in the significant traction we are seeing with our mobility solutions for the benefit of patients and professionals in the healthcare and education industries. Dell OEM Solution’s market insight, flexibility and speed in delivering customizable solutions separate us from other manufacturers and integrators.”

On a more personal note for OEM, you’ll see in this post a photo of Dylan Mast. He’s 10 and a Prentke device power user for more than three years. His dad, Steve Mast, is a Program Manager in Dell OEM.

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