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ArrowOCS_ChannelPartnerPageDell OEM Channel Partners are carefully selected based on their resources and capabilities dedicated to helping original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers bring products to market efficiently.  In our second blog of the series, we talked to Arrow OEM Computing Solutions.


Please tell us a little bit about Arrow OEM Computing Solutions.

Arrow OEM Computing Solutions (OCS) provides an outsourced business model to our OEM customers.  We position leasing options, engineering personnel and services, supreme supplier relationships, global integration capabilities and facilities (Phoenix, Nogales, Sao Paolo, Budapest, Israel, India, and Shenzhen), supply chain services, post manufacturing services, and reverse logistics.  We pride ourselves with our customization capabilities and our personal touch with our customers.

We understand Arrow OCS supports customers in many industries, but are there vertical markets that you most often serve? Also, what specific capabilities does Arrow have to support those unique (vertical) needs?

We serve many verticals. 32% of our revenue originates from the Healthcare vertical.  Our integration facilities are all ISO13485 certified.  We are also very strong in Industrial Computing.  One of our up-and-coming verticals is Digital Communication Solutions (signage/kiosk).  In fact if you visit our Phoenix integration center we have a great signage showcase to show you!  We are also targeting the Telco vertical.  Many of you may not know, but Emerson recently outsourced their manufacturing to Arrow OCS!  We build and fulfill to Emerson’s direct customers and for Emerson’s Channel partners.  As a result of this recent partnership, our Telco expertise and capabilities have been elevated.

As one of our Channel Partners, we rely on your comprehensive services and expertise for our customers. Can you please share some detail on what value you provide to companies building their own solutions?

As stated above and given our “outsourced business model”, we provide financing and credit solutions, engineering knowledge and services, portfolio of products and knowledge from our supplier partners, ability to build in territory, supply chain and global logistics (FGI, staging of finished goods and/or FRU’s), post manufacturing services (warranty repairs, etc.) and we provide reverse logistics services.  We also have the ability to leverage all of the other Arrow operating groups products and solutions.

We work together to bring some very cool technologies to end users that can require very complex customization and integration. Is there an example you can think of where the ask was something so new and different, it changed your approach/processes?

We are involved in many new ideas that we help bring to market like:

  • Voting / Ballot Machines – each state has different requirements – printers, computer software, displays, locked/unlocked – we have to make all configs fit in the same kiosk.
  • Multi Touch Kiosk – many people can touch at the same time to get driving directions, add drawings to presentations, add sections to a project.
  • Medical Retna scanners – we build units that check the health of the retina, do laser surgery, take photos of the eye, standard eye checks, etc…  all same form factor – different software and configurations.

Can you share one “fun fact” or little known detail about Arrow OCS?
OCS has a “house” band- The Vegas Limit- that plays at all major OCS events.  We also have been involve with the Foundation Fighting Blindness for 13 years sponsoring an Annual fund raising golf tournament “Scramble for Sight” which raised $41,200 this year alone.

To learn more about our Dell OEM channel partner program, visit our site:

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