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Dell OEM Channel Partners are carefully selected based on their resources and capabilities dedicated to helping original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers bring products to market efficiently.  In the first blog of the series, we sat down with Avent Embedded learn about their unique offering.



Customers have a lot of choices today. While everyone has heard of ‘Avnet’, what sets Avnet Embedded apart? 

At Avnet Embedded (@AvnetEmbedded), we fill a unique role in the overall value chain. We are able to provide support to our customers’ entire product life cycle. We start with a consultative approach to defining requirements without a preconceived notion of the final solution. From there we smoothly transition into product development with optimized supply-chain, BOM management and disciplined production control practices including regulatory and agency compliance. Our value continues into the deployment phase with logistics, fulfillment, installation, call center support, data plans and warranty/repair services to ensure our customers’ customers have a positive experience with the product. Throughout the process we also offer financing models to optimize CAPEX and OPEX investments and expenses. Finally at the end of a product’s service life we offer services for asset reclamation, refurbishment and e-cycling. All of these services can be bundled in unique models and deployed across multiple global regions in alignment with our customers’ goals and objectives.

We understand Avnet Embedded supports customers in many industries, but are there three vertical markets that you most often serve? Also, what specific capabilities does Avnet have to support those unique (vertical) needs?

Avnet Embedded certainly spans all vertical segments, along with horizontal enablers such as machine-to-machine (M2M), digital signage, storage and IT infrastructure. We have a strong presence in the medical market along with communications, industrial including energy, education and retail. Avnet Embedded also serves a growing number of independent software vendors (ISV) who are interested in purpose built appliances and associated services as a vehicle to get their products to market.

Some of the things that make Avnet Embedded attractive to these vertical and horizontal markets are our domain experience and expertise, our relationships with the industry specific agencies and regulatory groups and our breadth of technology options offered that align with their unique product life cycle requirements. We are fully integrated and flexible which makes us adept at servicing the high mix requirements associated with these markets. Our team is the most critical factor in all of this. They are required to go through stringent training and certification to ensure they are well versed in both the solutions we offer, as well as the driving factors in the markets they serve.

As one of our Channel Partners, we rely on your comprehensive services and expertise for our customers. Can you please share some detail on what value you provide to companies building their own solutions?

My pleasure! As stated before, Avnet Embedded provides a complete range of services in support of the entire product lifecycle. During product development we provide engineering support for both hardware selection and software image development, we enable customization and we facilitate a wide range of testing services, just to name a few. We extend our support into custom packaging, advanced replacement as part of our warranty services and blind fulfillment during the deployment stage. When  a customer’s product reaches the end destination we can assist with installation and call center support. Our logistics services also cover handling global shipments including all of the paperwork for import/export compliance. If our customers are in need of financing, we are there to assist. If they need to have products removed and e-cycled, we can do that too. We recognize our customers want to focus on the intellectual property (IP) that differentiates them in the market. By partnering with Avnet Embedded, our customers can focus on what they do best and count on us to provide the rest.

We work together to bring some very cool technologies to end users that can require very complex customization and integration. Is there an example you can think of where the ask was something so new and different, it changed your approach/processes?

If you ask our team, they’d tell you this is what we do every day. Two things come to mind that reflect how this occurs in different areas of our business. On the technology side, the explosion of connected devices has created a wave of new business models that go beyond the device itself as they connect back to the enterprise via the cloud. We have to look at the overall design across the “edge to enterprise” continuum and deal with issues like security beyond just the device but also in terms of keeping the data secure as it travels between devices. To accomplish this we had to expand our ecosystem of technologies, service providers and customer-facing resources. For example, we now have a software services team that has a deep understanding of every layer of the software stack and the practices associated with intelligent systems. On the supply-chain and logistics side, globalization has been top of mind for many of our customers. This is particularly important for customers engaging with our digital signage practice. As digital signage becomes a more critical element in branding, way finding and point of sale our customers expect us to deliver a consistent solution (hardware, software and services) all across the globe. To accomplish this, Avnet Embedded utilizes a single enterprise platform and standard business practices across all of our integration centers globally. We can develop a solution at any one of our centers and replicate it around the world by simply translating the associated documents into local language. This saves our customers time in re-validating established builds and helps them get to market faster without sacrificing quality or their brand image. Our legacy is based on our ability to anticipate market requirements and being ready to support customers in sync with their road maps and strategies.

Can you share one “fun fact” or little known detail about Avnet?

Avnet’s Global Solutions Center in Chandler, AZ, USA, recycles 1.3 tons of cardboard every day.


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