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This is a guest post by Sandra Bullock, Director of Marketing for A2Zlogix.   Dell OEM and A2Zlogix have partnered together to deliver ImageIQ® VBR, a video bandwidth reduction solution designed to significantly reduce the cost of transmitting and storing video while preserving video quality.  This blog is part of our telecom showcase.

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Global demand for high quality video content across multiple devices is a critical consideration for any MPVD or service provider.  According to CISCO (2012) “the gigabyte equivalent of all movies ever made will cross global IP network every 3 minutes in 2016”.  With this in mind, capacity planners face the challenging task of juggling budgetary constraints, spectrum scarcity and the depletion of existing networks.  To satisfy customers’ burgeoning appetite for data, US Carriers are making billion dollar investments in 4G upgrades, spectrum acquisitions and bandwidth acceleration/efficiency solutions.



In 2011, Service providers, MVPDs and wireless carriers spent over $300B on capital equipment to support one of the largest demand drivers for bandwidth:  high speed/high quality video.  While investments in new networks and upgrades to the existing infrastructure are necessary, it is also essential to implement network efficiency solutions that do not degrade video quality.

Video Bandwidth Reduction (VBR) Solution

The ImageIQ® VBR solution significantly reduces the cost of transmitting and storing video using sophisticated pre-conditioning of video signals and files prior to compression and encoding.   VBR reduces compression artifacts, noise and film grain to achieve significant bandwidth savings while preserving visual quality.

VBR has been designed to work with existing encoder/transcoder environments, complement a range of transport methods/solutions and seamlessly integrate into the existing infrastructure.

This translates to proven savings against escalating video transmission/storage costs at a fraction of the sum required to add the equivalent new network capacity.

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Sandra Bullock

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