Why Flash Matters to the Telecommunications Landscape

Fusion-ioThis is a guest post by Scott Cleland, Director of Enterprise Product Marketing, Fusion-io.  Dell OEM and Fusion-io have partnered together to deliver Fusion ioMemory, designed to accelerate performance and decrease server and database sprawl.  This blog is part of our telecom showcase.

The emergence of flash products (PCIe, SSD, all flash appliances and hybrid) in the enterprise is now past the early adopter phase and moving into a more mainstream vernacular.  The promise of enterprise flash has been delivered.  Fusion-io has been leading the pack for several years now and is showing no signs of slowing down.   Innovations include the support of shrinking NAND geometries, rising requirements for enterprise reliability and service, all flash appliances and the marriage of flash and HDD in hybrid appliances to support a broad variety of use cases, workloads and service levels.  All of this at a cost that can be absorbed by the challenging industries before us, including the data-intensive telecommunications industry.

The Information Communications Technology (ICT) market is a highly motivated market segment rich with requirements to streamline performance, provide necessary building blocks to address the converging data-types, user experiences and an ability to scale to continue to meet the service levels and regulations in a global economy.  Our global world continues to send, receive, collect and analyze every bit of data and data type that can be imagined. And no market technology is challenged greater with this convergence of data than the equipment that drives the information across the globe – The carriers.


Host-based enterprise flash with no moving parts has served the traditional enterprise markets by providing a scalable performance platform that address the inherent latency and transactional performance limitation that came as a legacy to the traditional approach of applying spinning media in various DAS and SAN solutions.

Dell with Fusion-io is up to the challenge by providing a broad mix of performance/capacity and price points that can be easily integrated into the NEBS building block carrier grade server approach that Dell is leading with.  Whether the infrastructure demands low latency processing inside a bare metal server or performance acceleration that compliments a SAN or NAS backend, Dell and Fusion-io offers mature field-tested enterprise products that deliver the following benefits:

Faster Service to Increase Customer Adoption Rates

Fusion ioDrive2 15-microsecond write access latency ensures rapid response times to keep end users happy with application performance. At the same time, it increases workload capabilities to support the addition of innovative new features that may have been cost-prohibitive before.

Resilience to Traffic Spikes to Ensure Customer Retention

Fusion ioMemory Virtual Storage Layer (VSL) offers applications and databases direct access to NAND flash memory without the need for RAID controllers and embedded processors, RAM, and SSD controllers. The result is predictably high-performance under all traffic patterns, for various application block sizes, with minimal queuing.

Enterprise Reliability

Fusion ioDrive2 includes reliability features like Adaptive Flashback Protection and 39- to 49-bit ECC to ensure that data is never lost. Its design does not use embedded RAM, which requires the use of failure-prone batteries and supercaps. In addition, it enables simpler architectures with far fewer failure points.

 Increased Average Per-user Revenue and Profit

Fusion ioMemory delivers the performance of hundreds of hard disks from a single device. It can also transparently accelerate existing storage, whether physical or virtualized to extend existing infrastructure investments. This allows organizations to meet service-level agreements with far less hardware, while cutting costs for maintenance, floor space, and power and cooling.

To learn more about Fusion-io please visit www.fusionio.com and download over 60 whitepapers spanning every conceivable market segment an dhow Fusion-io and our trusted partners like Dell delivers the promise of enterprise performance without the hassle and expense of traditional datacenter integration and cost.






Scott Cleland

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