Managing data growth with carrier grade servers

Managing-Data-Growth-01 7-19According to recent mobile traffic data, the demand for data now outstrips the demand for voice by a factor of 8 to 1. With this change, telecommunications providers are searching for innovative ways to meet both current and future customer expectations while remaining profitable.

The challenges of growth

Despite increasing uptake, only one fourth of all mobile phone subscriptions worldwide are associated with smartphones. This leaves considerable opportunity for further expansion and more demand for data.

As operators, particularly in emerging markets, prepare for this growth, they are often faced with significant challenges. Many of these have to do with infrastructure—providers will need to invest heavily in modernizing data centers, cell towers, and networks to be able to handle more traffic. At the same time, these providers will need to manage upgrade and deployment costs carefully. Legacy voice-centric strategies will need to be revisioned to incorporate new ways of monetizing the increased need for data.

Staying flexible is key—telecom providers will need to be ready to adapt to customer demands as the market changes. Data analysis can help in staying ahead of trends, as can managing customer relationships.

How Dell can help

Dell is a leading provider of highly leveraged industry standard hardware, software, services, and support which can be used to build the next generation of telecommunications solutions. You can leverage our areas of expertise in supply chain, support, engineering, change management, open standards, and leveraged solutions to develop and deploy solutions which address the driving need for Carrier Grade SDN and NFV solutions.

By working with Dell OEM Solutions you can take advantage of the following:

  • Carrier Grade NEBS & ETSI certified enterprise ICT servers, storage, and networking hardware
  • Global supply chain, support, and break fix
  • Cutting edge software, security, and application modernization tools and services
  • Integration capabilities
  • Customized hardware, software, and service solutions for your needs

What data-growth challenges are you facing? What are you doing to handle them?

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