Tobii launches EyeMobile solution powered by Dell OEM


Eye tracking software, which allows hands-free communication, has reached its next stage of evolution: Tobii and Dell OEM Solutions have launched EyeMobile, a new way to navigate interactive systems like the Internet, social media, creative software, and more.

EyeMobile runs on a Dell Latitude 10 tablet and allows people with disabilities to connect and create through eye motion alone.

“The Tobii EyeMobile is so powerful because it will enable millions of people with physical disabilities to live more independently, engage with others via internet and social media, and even get back to work and attend education programs,” says Oscar Werner, president of Tobii Assistive Technologies.

User testimonials on the Tobii Eye Tracking technology show how this innovative, assistive technology really makes a difference. Sarah Ezekiel, who has motor neuron disease, uses Tobii technology to create art with her eyes. Kathrin Lemler used Tobii Eye Tracking Technology to become the first non-verbal person to graduate from university in Germany. And former BMX world champion Stephen Murray says,

“I cannot tell you how much joy, how much laughter, how much independence this has given me!”

Watch the video for an overview of Tobii and examples of how the EyeMobile technology opens new roads of communication and interaction, from designing and animating for the gaming industry to healthcare and hospital applications.

Dell OEM Solutions is proud to be a part of the Tobii EyeMobile launch.

To learn more about how Dell OEM Solutions helps companies bring their products to market, visit our website  or contact us directly.

Piia Lawlor

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