Increasing Consumer Acquisition and Loyalty Through Actionable Insights and Targeted Location-Based Mobile Marketing

This is a guest post by Gery Pollet Founder and Executive Chairman of ZapFi. ZapFi partnered with Dell to secure and analyze Internet traffic from millions of mobile Wi-Fi users.

This is the mobile age. The age of always being connected to the Internet, wherever you are. This evolution in mobile connectivity is completely transforming the way people are engaging and interacting with brands while they’re on the move and how they are consuming.

The future is mobile.

Mobile devices have become the cornerstone for interactions online, significantly changing the way consumers purchase and interact with brands while on the move. By 2015, advertisers in Western Europe will allocate 5,1 billion $ on mobile advertising. Mobile shopping, using a smartphone to find deals, compare prices and products and clinch the best deal while on the move, is rapidly becoming normal shopping behavior. Studies show that over 60% of consumers use their mobile phone during the purchasing process. 80% of consumers also notice mobile advertising and more than half of transactions will be completed via mobile sales points, self-checkouts or simply by using a mobile device (*).

As the adoption of mobile applications and web usage through mobile devices continues to grow, free Internet access will become a commodity and people will want to be connected at all times and get the greatest benefit from today’s connected device experience.

ZapFi, Intelligent Mobile Marketing

ZapFi is an intelligent mobile marketing company based on Wi-Fi technology. ZapFi enables businesses to engage with mobile audiences in order to drive consumer acquisition and loyalty, enhance brand experience and increase conversion rates. ZapFi offers the tools, technology and intelligence services that allow both global brands and local merchants to engage, understand and target their consumers. ZapFi’s network of Wi-Fi hotspots delivers actionable consumer insights that drive precise, one-on-one location-based mobile marketing campaigns with the desired audience based on sophisticated consumer segmentation.



Actionable insights and targeted location-based mobile marketing in retail

The explosion of mobile activities offers many opportunities to obtain granular user profile data, capture online behavior and attain insight into mobile audiences. Consumer intelligence is key to relevantly connect with mobile consumers at a time and place when they are highly receptive to marketing messages. While the goals of managing online connections and building brand loyalty in an increasingly connected and mobile world remain the same, the tactics of achieving them will change dramatically.

Wi-Fi, one of the fastest growing wireless connectivity technologies in the world, will be driving this mobile revolution. All mobile devices have Wi-Fi capabilities, and the technology is convenient, fast, easy-to-use and highly affordable.

These days, building a real-time relationship with consumers is more crucial than ever. With free in-store Wi-Fi, the moment a shopper registers in the store, he immediately receives relevant information and purchase incentives. This location-awareness goes beyond intelligence about being ‘in the store’ or not, but offers information to consumers about the store if he is in the neighborhood.

The information gathered through in-store Wi-Fi activity and browsing history offers retailers relevant insights and a superior understanding of mobile users’ behavior, preferences and characteristics. Through sophisticated consumer segmentation, insight on mCommerce and social media behavior it is possible to manage precise, one-on-one mobile marketing campaigns and communications with the desired audience and deliver the right message in the right place at the right time. Such real-time marketing initiatives have proven to be much more efficient and generate a much higher ROI.

Everyone knows that consumers are evolving at the speed of light, certainly when it comes to information-thirst, connectivity and buying behavior. Leveraging that trend and all the massive insight that it can potentially offer and really putting it to work to engage and retain customers is key for retailers that want to increase conversion rates and maintain a competitive edge.


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Gery Pollet

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