Web security provider drives growth with the Dell PowerEdge 12th-generation server platform for OEMs

websense_case_studyIt’s simply a fact of life in the digital age — security threats are evolving and businesses increasingly come under attack. One company that’s actively involved in the fight to curb breaches and data theft is Websense, a California-based leader in unified web, data and email security solutions. And to achieve new levels of performance and global sales growth for its solutions, Websense has come to rely on the Dell PowerEdge 12th-generation server platform for OEMs.

In fact, a recently released case study provides a behind-the-scenes view of how Websense has driven sales of more than 10,000 OEM-based appliances using 12th-generation server technology. These appliance enable the company to deliver real-time defenses against data theft on a global basis—with products that block malicious code, protect confidential information and enforce internet security policies for more than 40 million employees worldwide.

Migrating to the Dell PowerEdge 12th-generation server platform for OEMs

When it came time for the company to migrate its turnkey Websense® V-Series™ and X-Series™ appliances, switching to the Dell PowerEdge 12th-generation server platform for OEMs provided a wide variety of benefits. For starters, Websense was able to achieve a 20 percent performance boost by running its software on 12th-generation servers. That move was a clear win for Websense customers, who can now gain greater protection from threats both inside and outside their network, increased storage capacity and greater networking options.

Of course, that kind of performance is compelling for existing customers. But what about the strategic need to attract new customers and enter new markets? As Websense and other worldwide security companies are minutely aware, some countries have complex rules for importing products — therefore, it can often be time-consuming and expensive to drive sales growth overseas. So how did Websense manage to outpace its competitors in worldwide appliance sales?

Fortunately, the Dell PowerEdge 12th-generation server platform for OEMs also provided a strategic advantage on that front, as Dell OEM Solutions can simplify the regulatory process and create a more efficient supply chain. For each destination worldwide, Dell OEM Solutions ensures that shipments include the right regulatory markings and necessary paperwork. This means customers receive their products faster, which in turn boosts customer retention numbers.

Just how fast is faster?

Working with Dell OEM Solutions now makes it possible for Websense to ship products to the U.S. and Europe in just 24 hours, to the Middle East in 24 to 48 hours and to Asia-Pacific in 48 to 72 hours, giving Websense an enviable competitive advantage in these geos. Moreover, the efficient supply chain enabled by the Dell OEM Solutions team has helped Websense enter vital new markets such as Australia, India and Hong Kong — all of which offer significant potential for further sales growth.

Today, the Websense V-Series appliance alone ships to more than 70 countries; plus, it’s backed by more than 24,000 field service and technical support experts from Dell who can be on-site anywhere in the world within four hours. As a result, the company is now seeing retention rates of nearly 100 percent for its V-Series and X-Series appliances.

And for a company like Websense that specializes in security, that kind of comforting peace of mind is priceless. Click here to read the case study and learn about the key Dell products that made it happen.

Samantha Needham

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  1. I am the owner of the Dell Inspiron Special Edition5r. It was purchase in November of 2012. From the first day I’ve had big problems with this computer. No, I am not a techy, at all so I also purchased for $140 the Dell Tech Concierge, which I must say to me is the Best part of Dell.

    Here’s what has been replaced in my computer;

    2 Mother Boards, not including the original, a Daughter Board, Charger Port, Charger, 2 Bricks, not including original, a new Battery and yesterday a new hard drive. In essence, I’ve had everything except the LED replaced in my computer.

    The Concierge people I have been talking to for anywhere from 1 1/2 hrs. to 4 /12 hours on a daily basis. They are remarkable, but putting my tiles up, which change when the hard drive was put in, updated the tiles, which I don’t like at all. These people and managers at the Concierge dept. have helped me keep my sanity, although since this started 5 months into my warranty on parts, I will not be charged for anything past my warranty because of the extensive problems with this horrible Inpiron!!!! I learn a valuable lesson, never buy anything that is brand new and has no reviews!!

    Should anything else go out on this computer, I will contact the right people to get a complete refund for the computer, warranty, the Dell Printer and the money paid for the ’14-’15 Dell Tech Concierge.

    I was told that this computer and probably all of your computers have plastic parts and are made in China or Thailand. I have only had dell computers that lasted a decade so I felt safe making this purchase! Shame on me, the good Dell sold out and now it’s just another Greedy Corporation that cares not for their consumers but only for the money! Shame on DELL!! I would like a reply.

    By: Linda Leipziger on December 22nd, 2013 at 11:39 am
  2. Hi Linda,
    Please contact sos@dell.com or on twitter @dellcares for your customer support issues. Our team doesn’t handle laptop replacements or issues; however, our customer cares team can answer your questions and look into the matter.

    Sam N.

    Dell OEM Blog Manager

    By: Samantha Needham on January 3rd, 2014 at 11:16 am

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