Dell OEM Partners: Get to know Granite MedSystems

Dell OEM Channel Partners are carefully selected based on their resources and capabilities dedicated to helping original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers bring products to market efficiently.  In our latest blog of the series, we talked to Granite MEDSystems.

We recently sat down with Hans Dittmar, Director of Marketing of Granite MEDSystems, to learn more about their relationships with OEMs in the healthcare market.  For the last 18 years, Hans has helped drive Granite’s success by creating unique marketing campaigns, customer proposals and direct sales.

Alison:  Thanks for taking the time to speak with us!  Tell us a bit about Granite MEDSystems.

Hans:  Granite is a global provider of complete, turnkey electro-medical solutions exclusively for OEMs. By utilizing our in-house expertise in the design and manufacturing of mechanical assemblies, compute solutions, and electronic circuit design our customers are able to offer end-users extremely reliable products with controlled lifecycles.  As a services company, we have significant internal resources dedicated to the design and manufacture of electro-medical assemblies for global tier-one medical OEMs, and we’ve been doing it for over 30 years.  With an additional facility in Shanghai, China, we are able to offer a full spectrum of design and manufacturing services to support our customers in Asia.  Many of our North American customers have facilities overseas, and our ability to offer identical services in Asia has been very beneficial for them.

Alison:  The medical equipment market has some pretty specific requirements. How does Granite support them?

Hans:  The healthcare marketplace has a very unique – and stringent – set of criteria.  The principle requirements are product quality and longevity.  Medical products are extremely sensitive to change, and capital equipment needs to be supported for very long lifecycle; often 10 years or more.  Additionally, much of the outdated legacy hardware needs to be restored to accommodate additional useful life in developing countries.  All of the processes that Granite uses have been developed to support those requirements, and include medical certifications and file management. Healthcare OEMs also have a variety of non-technical requirements, including program management, global logistic support, service programs, legacy hardware support and all of the other things that go into supplying a complete program solution in the healthcare marketplace. Not to sound cliché, but they want a complete solution, not a line item part.

Alison:  As one of our Channel Partners, we rely on your knowledge and experience in the healthcare marketplace.  What makes the Dell-Granite offering beneficial to healthcare OEMs specifically?

Hans:  We believe the real power of the Dell-Granite partnership lies in the ability to offer the best balance of COTS and custom for applications that traditionally require custom designs.  Historically, compute solutions for OEMs were either COTS or custom.  This partnership allows OEMs to leverage the benefits of COTS Dell products in capital equipment that requires longevity and stability in addition to the inherent quality and superior design. The combined team can help the OEM make the right decision at launch to protect product flow and lifecycle.

Alison:  Can you describe how Granite can help OEMs maximize the lifecycle of Dell products to achieve the extremely long lifecycles they require?

Hans:  There are really many possible avenues for extending the lifecycle, and we develop programs to meet the unique characteristics of each customer individually.  Having said that, however, there are a few basic methods we often employ.  First, each program is reviewed to line up the lifecycle expectations; the customer requirements are designed into the larger solution, which often involves a balance of COTS and custom components.  By utilizing Dell’s XL offerings and building a program to manage expectations from the beginning, we are able to eliminate any surprises throughout the life of the OEM’s product.

Alison:  What additional services can you offer as add-ons to Dell’s lineup that are unique to medical device OEMs?

Hans:  As a supplier to OEMs, we are in the business of offering complete solutions.  Many of the products that we manufacture in both North America and China are large assemblies that have computers as part of the overall product.  This might mean that the Dell product is integrated into a larger assembly, or that the software load is locked, or – in the case of product transitions, Granite can help the OEM to validate the effects of the change will not interrupt the product flow. We have a variety of ISO 13485 based processes to ensure consistency of products that are supplied to the OEM.

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