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Meeting the growing mobility demands of the healthcare market

Mobile devices are playing an increasingly large role in the world of healthcare, as doctors, nurses and other clinical personnel take advantage of recent innovations. In fact, according to data provided by GreatCall, 80 percent of physicians use smartphones and medical applications and 93 percent of physicians believe that mobile health applications can improve patient’s [...]

Dell OEM Solutions: 10 Must-Reads of 2013

2013 was an extremely exciting year for Dell OEM Solutions.  We shared innovative customer stories, new products, and exciting developments in a variety of areas including telecom and mobility to name a few. Thanks to all our customers, partners, and subscribers who have shared our news and provided insight on our blogs.  We will continue [...]

Dell OEM Solutions Recap from #DellWorld

Michael Dell set the tone in his Dell World opening keynote referring to the “tremendous capabilities in OEM” as he announced the $300 million strategic innovation fund.  This year growth and capitalizing on future trends were common themes across the various events Dell OEM sponsored in conjunction with Dell World 2013. Solution Showcase On the [...]

4 Ways Dell OEM Solutions is participating in #DellWorld

Starting today Dell OEM Solutions is hosting several events in conjunction with Dell World. While Dell World is one of the premier events for IT professionals, Dell OEM Solution also provides activities for our CTO executives, OEM partners, and attendees interesting in learn about what we do. Solution Showcase Be sure to swing by the [...]

Exclusive Dell OEM Solutions CTO Summit during Dell World

Announcing our Third Annual CTO Summit As the world becomes more connected, Dell OEM Solutions is striving to ensure our customers feel connected as well – to us, to the future, and to emerging technology as it presents new challenges and opportunities. So we’re excited to once again host a discussion with our technical thought [...]

Networking, an integral part of the virtual era ecosystem

“A computer network is a communications network that allows computers to exchange data,” says Wikipedia. It goes on to say, “The physical connection between networked computing devices is established using either cable media or wireless media. The best-known computer network is the internet.” Before the internet existed, there was no true standard for connecting computers together. As such, the creation of the [...]

Dell OEM and Prentke Romich help people with disabilities speak more freely

Today,  Prentke Romich and Dell OEM announced the launch of the Accent 1000 speech-assistance mobile device. This Latitude 10-based solution provides the hardware but, more importantly, the software, for people with speech challenges to communicate more freely. With a completely intuitive, icon-driven interface and fully mobile, ruggedized case, the Accent 1000 makes it easy for [...]

OEM’s stay ahead by becoming Mobile

Mobilising solutions has without a doubt becomes a business necessity that is here to stay. It has also become a priority within the OEM market in the drive to remain competitive and differentiated in a fast changing market that can leverage the cloud to deliver applications. For decades the IT department has issued or is [...]

Mobility demand and its influence on Dell's Technology Strategy

The Expected New Normal With the continued rapid adoption of smart phones by consumers to business users, and a growing dependence on social media, capturing and sharing images, email, navigation and other applications the net result is an unimaginable amount of data creation. Combined with the demand to access your data, or better still use [...]

Dell OEM's Commitment to the Industrial Automation Market

Nuremberg is famous for its Christmas market but a week before that, it hosts the biggest fair in Industrial Automation in Europe. I was there for 3 days to coordinate the Dell OEM Solutions booth. It is indeed a huge trade show spread over 11 exhibition halls recording 55,000 visitors this year. 70% of the [...]