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Why Flash Matters to the Telecommunications Landscape

This is a guest post by Scott Cleland, Director of Enterprise Product Marketing, Fusion-io.  Dell OEM and Fusion-io have partnered together to deliver Fusion ioMemory, designed to accelerate performance and decrease server and database sprawl.  This blog is part of our telecom showcase.

The emergence of flash products (PCIe, SSD, all flash appliances and hybrid) in the enterprise is now past the early adopter phase and moving into a more mainstream vernacular.  The promise of enterprise flash has been delivered.  Fusion-io has been leading the pack for several years now and is showing no signs of slowing down.   Innovations include the support of shrinking NAND geometries, rising requirements for enterprise reliability and ...

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Aug 13 2013
Networking, an integral part of the virtual era ecosystem

“A computer network is a communications network that allows computers to exchange data,” says Wikipedia. It goes on to say, “The physical connection between networked computing devices is established using either cable media or wireless media. The best-known computer network is the internet.”

Before the internet existed, there was no true standard for connecting computers together. As such, the creation of the Internet Protocol suite by an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense marked an important turning point for computer networking.

Today we are in the so-called cloud era or virtual era, as the computing landscape evolved from mainframe/terminal to client/server to the state that it is in now. The cloud era brings us many new challenges, as more and more devices need ...

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Aug 8 2013
Solving Increasing Demands for Bandwidth

This is a guest post by Sandra Bullock, Director of Marketing for A2Zlogix.   Dell OEM and A2Zlogix have partnered together to deliver ImageIQ® VBR, a video bandwidth reduction solution designed to significantly reduce the cost of transmitting and storing video while preserving video quality.  This blog is part of our telecom showcase.

Demand driving investment in networks

Global demand for high quality video content across multiple devices is a critical consideration for any MPVD or service provider.  According to CISCO (2012) “the gigabyte equivalent of all movies ever made will cross global IP network every 3 minutes in 2016”.  With this in mind, capacity planners face the challenging task of juggling budgetary constraints, ...

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Jul 25 2013
New Dell OEM Carrier Grade Systems Online Demo

NEPs, ISVs, and mobile operators often ask, “what sort of features or specs are included on Dell’s carrier grade products?” It makes sense that our customers and partners need to understand the various specifications and options available as they build and design their own solutions.

Today, we’re pleased to announce our Dell OEM Carrier Grade Systems Online Demo, an interactive tool that virtually provides product demos of our family of carrier grade products.  We launched the site to not only provide a self-service way to explore our products but also improve awareness of the various product options and features.

Currently you can view demos on the following products:

Carrier Grade Rack Servers

R620 t R720 ...

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Apr 4 2013
Market Trend: Application modernization drives efficiencies for mobile operators

Mobile operators are under pressure to prove that their services are superior to those of over-the-top (OTT) and other non-traditional challenger service providers. Many operators, especially in Western Europe, are investing in a rich communications suites (RCS) as a means of positively differentiating their services through sticky content and evolved communications abilities such enhanced instant messaging, video calling, document sharing and social media connectivity.

Application modernization will be critical for technology vendors and mobile operators as they adopt RCS. Many mobile operators have grown through mergers and acquisitions, creating hundreds of duplicate applications on various infrastructures. Rationalization and modernization of legacy applications will be important for deploying RCS efficiently and cost ...

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Apr 2 2013
Mobility demand and its influence on Dell's Technology Strategy The Expected New Normal

With the continued rapid adoption of smart phones by consumers to business users, and a growing dependence on social media, capturing and sharing images, email, navigation and other applications the net result is an unimaginable amount of data creation. Combined with the demand to access your data, or better still use data quickly, requires the telco and technology sector to build out the capability to support what has become – the expected new normal.

Mobility has become an unstoppable technology that is transforming society and changing civilization. Travel past-times such as Sudoku puzzles, card games or reading books are being replaced by smart phones, electronic readers, tablets and laptops.

How Mobility Allows ...

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Feb 28 2013
Taking Telecom to the Cloud

When I read about the Telecommunications market, I notice significant changes happening in parallel.

For instance, LTE (Long Term Evolution or 4th Generation Networks) is setting a new standard in transporting voice calls. Mobile phone users are accessing rich content, which in turn creates a balancing act between OTT (Over-the-Top) traffic and players on one side and carriers looking to monetize OTT on the other.

The proliferation of smart devices has led to a new ecosystem of machine-to-machine platforms and applications, which contributes to data growth explosion.

Evolution in Telecommunications happens faster with each generation.  The cool factor of fashionable features, generational performance leaps in handset equipment, increased bandwidth and ease of ‘getting connected’ all contribute to the ...

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Feb 15 2013
Mobile World Congress 2013: Talk to our Telco Solution Experts

For just over a year I have been participating in the growth of a great team of dedicated Telco experts being assembled in Dell OEM Solutions as we continue investing for the telecom market.

It started a few years ago when we decided to design carrier grade reliability and capabilities into the Dell PowerEdge™ 12th online pharmacy viagra

generation server line based on the impressive Intel Xeon E5-2600 CPUs.  Last year at Mobile World Congress (MWC) we announced the launch of the first two of those servers. The interest from that announcement in the industry was instant and intense. Since then we have launched several additional Carrier Grade platforms which gives Dell customers a robust ...

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Feb 14 2013
Data in the right place at the right time for the right cost

Storage…… in a lot of cases is synonym to unprecedented growth, CapEx and complexity in many datacenters, with the occasional unfortunate headache as a result.   But, does it really have to be that way? At Dell we do not believe so, just like we don’t believe in the traditional silo approaches to architecting storage environments.

Dell is not bound by legacy proprietary technology and we do not believe storage should be complex at all. Instead we believe storage should be approached differently by thinking differently so we’ll get closer to ‘your needs’. As a result we have been spending a lot of time building a new breed of Data Management Solutions ...

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Jan 28 2013
Top Business Risks for Telco Operators

A while ago, my colleague Franklin Flint blogged about the top 5 challenges emerging for the carriers and service providers. Along those lines I’m taking this opportunity to share some of the business risks Telecom Operators may be facing (pulled from Ernst and Young 2012 report top 10 risks in Telecommunications) and how Dell OEM Solutions provides elements to support Operators facing these challenges.

Failure to shift the business model from minutes to bytes

More and more mobile phone users value access to data over voice, involuntarily contributing to the rise of over-the-top providers. As value shifts from minutes of usage to volumes of data, operators need to move away from their legacy ...

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Nov 29 2012