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Video Recap: NAB Show Day 3 & Day 4

The action continues in Las Vegas at the world’s largest media and entertainment event - 2013 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB).  Enjoy our video blogs from Day 3 & Day 4.

Hope you have enjoyed our video coverage from the viagra online

NAB show.  Stay connected to us on twitter @delloem and continue to follow us at future Telco events.

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Apr 12 2013
Taking Telecom to the Cloud

When I read about the Telecommunications market, I notice significant changes happening in parallel.

For instance, LTE (Long Term Evolution or 4th Generation Networks) is setting a new standard in transporting voice calls. Mobile phone users are accessing rich content, which in turn creates a balancing act between OTT (Over-the-Top) traffic and players on one side and carriers looking to monetize OTT on the other.

The proliferation of smart devices has led to a new ecosystem of machine-to-machine platforms and applications, which contributes to data growth explosion.

Evolution in Telecommunications happens faster with each generation.  The cool factor of fashionable features, generational performance leaps in handset equipment, increased bandwidth and ease of ‘getting connected’ all contribute to the ...

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Feb 15 2013
Data in the right place at the right time for the right cost

Storage…… in a lot of cases is synonym to unprecedented growth, CapEx and complexity in many datacenters, with the occasional unfortunate headache as a result.   But, does it really have to be that way? At Dell we do not believe so, just like we don’t believe in the traditional silo approaches to architecting storage environments.

Dell is not bound by legacy proprietary technology and we do not believe storage should be complex at all. Instead we believe storage should be approached differently by thinking differently so we’ll get closer to ‘your needs’. As a result we have been spending a lot of time building a new breed of Data Management Solutions ...

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Jan 28 2013
Top Business Risks for Telco Operators

A while ago, my colleague Franklin Flint blogged about the top 5 challenges emerging for the carriers and service providers. Along those lines I’m taking this opportunity to share some of the business risks Telecom Operators may be facing (pulled from Ernst and Young 2012 report top 10 risks in Telecommunications) and how Dell OEM Solutions provides elements to support Operators facing these challenges.

Failure to shift the business model from minutes to bytes

More and more mobile phone users value access to data over voice, involuntarily contributing to the rise of over-the-top providers. As value shifts from minutes of usage to volumes of data, operators need to move away from their legacy ...

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Nov 29 2012
Cloud, Big Data and Mobility are much more than IT

Technology has had a renaissance over the past few years, and it now seems that we are at a tipping point where the implications of technical advancements are no longer limited to a few new product features or the CIO’s staff meetings.  Instead, mature businesses are transforming into completely new entities in a few years time.  Products are becoming intelligent and aware, hopefully signaling an upcoming surge in productivity.  Most importantly, it seems like change in many industries is accelerating at an exponential pace, one that might share a deep link to Moore’s law.

After spending time with over a hundred CTOs since joining Dell OEM Solutions as a technologist, it’s ...

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Jul 11 2012
How secure ARE lifesaving medical devices?

As you might have noticed already, our life expectancy is growing, and it’s growing fast. Improved medical care and better studies to cure diseases have led to extended life expectancies of our community. Experts predict that when life expectancy grows by three years, as a result hospitals medical costs will increase with 50%.

Home health care on the other hand is usually less expensive, more convenient, and just as effective as professional care patients receive in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Sleep disorder solutions, respiratory therapy, remote cardiac services, lifeline and drug delivery are some examples of extending or transition care from the hospital to your home. As with all other ...

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Jun 14 2012
Experience with big analytics is costly

Move over cloud. Big Data is all the rage these days.

Marketers are talking about Big Data. CEOs are telling their product teams to go after Big Data. Reporters are trying to get the scoop about Big Data. Analysts have entire practices devoted to Big Data market research. It seems that nothing, not even our beloved “cloud”, is as shiny.

As a marketer for the OEM Solutions team, I found myself enjoying the discussion over the last year as “Big Data” slowly crept into my vernacular.  I read some whitepapers on MapReduce, and attended presentations on Cassandra, Pig and Mahout. I found myself feeling like an expert, much like most people probably feel after ...

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Apr 10 2012
Andy Eloff from Raw Thrills talks about gaming the system

If you’ve been to an arcade or living room lately, you know that video games have come a long way since the days of PAC-MAN.  What you might not know is just how closely the technology behind the scenes looks like the PC under your desk, and how the battle to capture gamers hearts has evolved since the emergence of consoles and mobile phones.

At the OEM CTO Summit (part of DellWorld 2011), I bumped into Andy Eloff of Raw Thrills and sprung at the chance to talk through the world of modern Arcade gaming.  If you’ve played Big Buck Hunter, Dirty Drivin or Frogger, you’ve played a Raw Thrills machine.

Josh: ...

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Jan 12 2012

It’s 2012 and what better way to start out the new year than to highlight some of the top blogs from 2011.  From innovative technology to cool customer applications, it wasn’t easy selecting the winners. Our blog archives have grown to over 180 blogs covering topics such as technology, storage, supply chain, cloud, and services all with an OEM flavor.

This past year we grew from a handful of bloggers to include over 20 bloggers each with his or her own specialties and interests.  This year we invite more guest bloggers from our customers, partners, and other bloggers.  We also plan to bring our audience more video, real-time reports from events, and other exclusive content.  Make sure you have ...

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Jan 10 2012

Originally posted on Direct to Dell. Follow Dell OEM on twitter @delloem or contact Dell OEM Solutions to learn more.

As the first installment in a series of Q-and-As on cloud and OEMs, Tim Pavlovich, Services Consultant with Dell OEM Solutions, will explore why OEMs in the video surveillance market should take a hard look at how they deliver their solution today and the opportunities it may be costing them in the long run.

Can you describe the typical OEM video surveillance solution today?

Pavlovich:  Video surveillance or video security solutions are typically on-premise solutions. So today, all the hardware including cameras,  sensors, digital video recorder and security software are scoped for specific locations like doctors’ offices, retail establishments, ...

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Nov 23 2011